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August 20, 2022. Mathew & Stephanie traveled all the way from Ohio to celebrate their love in the mountains of Colorado; one of their favorite places on earth.


We arrived to their cabin passing two black bears as we made our way up the hills in dense fog. Their closest family and friends were in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone one while Mat + Stephanie got in their wedding attire. You could hear the echos of laughter in the mountains as everyone finished breakfast and began to make their way outside and enjoy being in such a beautiful location.

This is the moment I ALWAYS cry! When the bride and groom lock eyes, I lost it behind my camera. No one else existed in that moment except them. The fog had cleared and revealed more of the mountains, I didn't think it could get any better but IT DID! They exchanged vows, had their first kiss, and we headed off in a side by side to the mountains.

When I first met Jaidon + Seven was for their engagement session. We laughed and connected on so many levels, I knew that their wedding day was going to be epic! Learning about them and their story really helped me capture their day and personalities to the fullest, and having their trust from our first session together just sealed it from there.

The day started off as most wedding days do. Bridesmaids + groomsmen getting ready in separate areas, champagne flowing, shots too, which I LOVE. Jaidon wanted to wait to see Seven until she walked down the aisle and that moment was so beautiful to see him tear up and be in awe of his bride. First looks aren't for everyone, and it was a sweet moment to witness. Once the ceremony was done, we headed to do wedding party pics!! This group was so much fun, I still reminisce about how nice and welcoming they were to me and my second shooter. Next was bride and groom portraits and the way these two interact with each other makes me OBSESSED with them!!! Jaidon pulled me aside after and thanked me for how I take photos of them. He said," Seven usually gets nervous taking photos and she has not mentioned any nerves being in your presence so thank you for that." CUE THE TEARS. Things like that just reaffirms your goals as a photographer/videographer. 

The reception was THE VIBE!!! Everyone let loose and celebrated these two all night. We stayed later because the party was just that good and we didn't want to miss any moments of it. They sang song after song, and danced until they couldn't anymore. We were fed Titos and danced along with them, my heart was so full after that day. Sparklers were lit for their grand exit and our time came to an end. 

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