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Love is our author

Growing up, I never thought being my own boss and having my own business would ever be possible for me. I knew graduating high school that I wanted my life to look different, mundane wasn't going to cut it for me. The first person I took photos of was my sister for a project in school. Anyone remember PicMonkey?? From then on I never looked back. I had found something that pushed me to become better, as a photographer and as a person. It has opened me up to different cultures, beliefs, and love that I wouldn't have gotten to experience, first hand, from anything else. Love drives us, and it's what drives me to serve you on your most special day.

I'm dedicated to making you feel at home when I'm documenting you with the one you love. I will HYPE you up, be your third wheel, and give you prompts that will make you forget you're actually taking photos. And if you need some liquid courage....I GOT YOU!!

Good vibes
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Meet my peeps

aka my twinny! She is my right hand gal in my business and in life. When it comes to second shooting, she does it best! There's no one (besides my husband) that I trust more to help capture your day alongside me. 

my hubby who showed me the ropes when I began to learn about photography! We've been married for seven years and for four of those he and I did weddings together. Two years ago, he started his career as a tattoo artist and has flourished! He's such a talented artist who loves to create in different mediums. I would not be where I'm at currently with photography if it wasn't for this cutie!

McKenna Neal

Eric Tuck

How to Book

1. Fill out my contact form!

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3. Sign + Seal 

This is the time for me to get to know you! I want ALL THE DETAILS! Getting to read your story is one of my favorite parts about the booking process. I want to make sure I'm the right fit for you and part of that is seeing your vision for your day! 

Once everything is set in stone, it's time to sign your contract!!! Your date will be saved once you've made your deposit! A vendors list will be sent out with people I've connected with in the industry and that I fully trust to give you the best of the best!! Two months prior to your set date, a questionnaire will be sent out to get all the info I need to prep for your occasion! You can ask me anything at anytime, I'm always happy to help + give suggestions!

Next steps, once the contact form is sent I will send over all of my packages! If there isn't a package that suits your want/needs/budget, there's the customized option babes!!! WHOOP! When I got married I couldn't afford a photographer and videographer so I'm always wanting to help as much as I can to give you the experience and the photos YOU WANT.

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